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Beautiful lyrics videos.

It has never been easier and faster to create beautiful lyrics videos.

Jolify enables you to quickly create, design, and generate beautiful lyrics videos from your browser.

How it works

  • Design your video

    First comes design. Right from your browser, you can storyboard your video with all the frames you’ll need. With the help of powerful tools like Quick Insert, you’ll start seeing results in no time. Each text element is customizable and separated into its own layer, so that it’s easy to move to audio sync once you’re ready. And since your progress is stored in the cloud, you can leave at any time and return when you’re ready to keep going, starting back where you left off.

  • Synchronize your audio track

    Once you’re happy with how your lyrics are organized, it’s time to upload your audio track and apply the magic that blends it with your design. Using JoliSync™, you listen to your audio track as you synchronize it with the text elements you’ve placed in your canvas, providing you with fine grain control and precision over when the text appears. It’s easy and fun, and will give you amazing results that would take forever to achieve with other tools.

  • Generate the final video render

    After you’re done designing your frames and synchronizing your audio track, you can preview the video you’ve created and decide if it’s time for the final render. Jolify makes the process easy by selecting the optimal settings for your video to be viewed on the Web. Once you’ve queued your video for rendering, we do all the work on our servers so your computer doesn’t need to be powerful, or even turned on. After the render is complete, your video is ready to be shared with the world.